Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bicycle Corral

By Will Allen

One of the most unique bicycle facilities observed on the trip was a bicycle corral located at the intersection of Rue Berri and Rue Cherrier.  What makes this facility so unique is creativity and ingenuity to provide safe movements of bicycles through a very non-conventional 4-approach intersection. 

The east intersection approach (Rue Cherrier) consists of two approach lanes and a two-way cycle track.  The cycle track does not continue straight through the intersection, but rather makes a left turn onto Rue Berri.  The southern intersection approach (Rue Berrier) consists of 5 indivudual lane groups:
  1. Rue Berri northbound
  2. Rue Berri southbound
  3. Rue Berri northbound frontage road fromRue Sherbrooke
  4. Rue Berri southbound frontage road to Rue Sherbrooke
  5. Rue Berri Cycle Track
Simply put, this intersection is complex even without the cycle track - not to mention a cycle track that turns left through the intersection. 

To provide safe bicycle passage through this intersection, a corral made of bollards has been constructed at the northwestern corner of the intersection.  This area serves as a waiting area for cyclists who have crossed one street and are waiting cross the second street once the traffic signal phase has changed.   The benefit of this waiting area is that cyclists do not need to make a left turn through opposing traffic-where judging acceptable gaps can be stressful and may lead to serious injury.

To further enhance the overall safety and operations of this intersection, special bicycle traffic signals were installed to provide safe crossing intervals.  Further discussion on these signals is found in subsequent posts.

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